15 May 2017

An early end to Trump's presidency

I remember how long the eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency felt. Not to mention the equally long eight year’s of Reagan’s. I dread eight years of Donald Trump. Like many people, I am wondering if there is some way to shorten his presidency. Countless articles have been written about this, mostly focussing on the impeachment process or triggering the 25th amendment. There are, in fact several broad categories of ways to rid ourselves of Trump, some of which are plausible. Although some of the possibilities are legal, others are not, and I emphasize that I am opposed to any form of political violence, including assassination, kidnapping, coup d'etat, and violent revolution.

Impeachment: the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump, after which the Senate tries him. This seems unlikely to happen until after the 2018 mid-term congressional elections, after which the Democratic Party will probably control Congress.

25th amendment: the vice president, believing that the president is incapacitated mentally or physically, together with a majority of the Cabinet, declare to the Senate that he is incapacitated, and the veep becomes acting president. One can imagine VP Pence doing this.

Resignation: Nixon did it, under tremendous pressure. Perhaps Trump will resign out of boredom, frustration, or impending charges of obstruction of justice or treason.

Disappearance: the President runs away, without resigning. Or he gets lost (because of dementia, amnesia, or some other reason.)

I will not discuss the possibility of the President's life coming to an end. Although I believe that such a discussion, even without any desire for this to happen, is within my rights and is protected by the Constitution, I am afraid to do so. It's too dangerous. I can imagine returning to the US and having this blog posting used as a pretext to detain me, deport me, or do some other undesirable action.

Radical change or destruction of the USA:  As stated before, I am opposed to any form of political violence, including assassination, kidnapping, coup d'etat, or violent revolution. Nor do I wish the destruction or conquest of the USA.
1. There is a radical revision of the Constitution, eliminating the office of president, or otherwise making it impossible for Trump to continue as president.
2. One or more parts of the USA secede, and somehow Trump falls out of the shuffle, or remains leader of a rump state, and the rest of the USA continues intact, without him.
3. Military coup d’état.
4. The government is overthrown in a revolution.
5. The USA is conquered by an enemy.
6. The USA is devastated by a natural disaster or huge and rapid climate change, and ceases to exist. 

Science fiction/Fantasy/Theology:
The President is abducted by a UFO.
He stumbles into a space warp/wormhole.
The USA is conquered by extraterrestials.
The USA or the planet Earth is destroyed by extraterrestials.
A time machine is invented and someone goes back in time to change something so Trump does not become president.
The universe is a simulation and the cosmic sysop revises the code so Trump is no longer or never was president.
Only your mind exists so the universe is a construct of your imagination. You come to understand that nothing in the universe, including the President, actually exists.
Magic. Make it didn't happen.
Trump ascends to heaven.
The Seventh Angel blows his trumpet and the world comes to an end.

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