06 September 2016

{M}anifesto: commentary on the enigmas of {M}


Commentary on the enigmas of {M}
{I have copied this {M}anifesto to a new blog: {M} em-art-project.

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  1. cool! perhaps there IS one mind, maybe it is what we think of as God or life force energy - it could be each individual consciousness agrees that the world looks like this. we walk down the street and you and i and everyone know what we sense, the houses, the shops, we know where they are. we go in and see, it feels random, but it may be ordered.
    the agreement to experience life in this way might be biological. then there are mindS, or wills and intentions, perceived perhaps as separate. but maybe not since we may agree that this is what the world looks feels like. :)
    so perhaps this external reality is also a construct of mind, and mind a construct of it, and that's how it keeps moving.
    i dunno.