05 June 2011

Tweeting Ulysses: Read Part Two & Wrote First Draft

At last, I have come to the end of Part II of Ulysses, & have read my segment for 11ysses in context. Richly rewarding experience. I shall finish the book before Bloomsday. Next, I firstDrafted my tweets. They seem OK to good, so I’ll sleep & look at them again tomorrow. I’m using Unicode characters quite a bit; they save space and can add a shock of optical energy to the tweets.As an example, I am spelling Bl∞m with an infinity sign, saving a character & alluding to his Everyman attribute. I got the Unicodes from http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/~tomw/java/unicode.html . I was able to copy and paste them from the website; only the ones that show up in Microsoft Word using the Arial Unicode MS font seem to work well in Twitter. Perhaps someone might find the following collection useful. Just copy and paste…
⁂⌂⌛⌨⌬▣▲▽❒〄♬ ☑☒✔✇❁❀✿☮✾✽✵
£§✉✖✣✰� ۩ † ‽∎
☻☺☹☯☤☠☢☃ ☟☞☝☜☛☚✌
∞ ⊥ ↑Ⅶ

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